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Copenhagen, November 2017.

In the past twelve months I’ve lived in three different cities. I finished my Masters degree in August and almost immediately began an English teaching qualification (which I’ll  also finish in two weeks). It’s often felt like this is all happening to someone else, although I don’t mind this feeling. Something is two steps ahead and leading the way, but it might well be me.



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It happened before. Was it the November winds? Or the plants reclaiming their rightful place?

Or was it you, May Kashara? It sure is a convenient way for you to come and go without your parents seeing.

Rising Slowly (I)


There was some fog in parts of south west England by dawn on the 8th, following a night when some light rain fell across Ireland and west Scotland, and also elsewhere in parts of England and Wales. The day was largely dry – but with some further light falls of rain across Ireland and west Scotland – and in a few other areas. Except in parts of south west and central south England it was a rather cloudy day and quite mild in some south areas of England. (Hurn 19.3C, Lerwick 10.4C maximum, Lerwick 4.1C minimum, Giants Causeway 5.0 mm, Exeter Airport 8.1 h.)