Puerto Varas, March 2018

She wrote me a message:  I met R. in San Francisco whilst I was there for a business trip last week. We miss living together with you in Farthings Court. It felt so weird when I saw my colleagues after saying goodbye to her. I wondered which world was real.




Inundated, they declared loudly and publicly, the men of highest authority agreed to meet after-hours and drafted the following:

Haitians will be allowed to obtain tourist visas for 30 days. All other travelers will be offered 12 months. A year-long ‘Humanitarian Visa’ may be possible, but this must be acquired in Haiti.

Who has the right to be here? HOSPEDAJE: It’s written everywhere.


Escáner_20180509 (17)

Santiago, February 2018

I think about writing the city but I’m haunted by the colonial travel diary. I have impressions, but by the next day they’re subverted. Cities demand intimacy.

This is an impression and I’m trying not to betray that word.